Touch Screen Gloves

A perfect accessory for the winter season, stay warm and maintain the convenience of your smartphone with these touch screen gloves! Allow your clients to wear your brand and advertise for you! Every handshake they make is another point of contact between your brand and the public eye. A Handy addition to any smartphone setup, and popular for smartphone users of all ages. Have your company logo custom printed to give away as swag, hand out as promotional material, or at add a custom touch to your gear.



One size fits most

• Acrylic with conductive fibres
• A pair of five finger universal touch screen gloves
• Type with all five fingers, not just one
• Conductive fibres in fingertips interact with touch screen devices
• Keep your fingers warm while operating your touch screen devices
• Hand wash in cold water only (care instructions included)
• Compatible with most touch screen devices: iPhone®, iPad®, iPod® Touch, Android phones, etc.
• iPad® is A Registered Trademark Of Apple Inc.
• iPod® is A Registered Trademark Of Apple Inc.
• iPhone® is A Registered Trademark Of Apple Inc.

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